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It's clear Iroha wants the best for Hachiman, despite knowing she won't end up with him herself. This is evidenced by her stating that the date they went on will hopefully be a good reference for Hachiman later. And I loved reading the newbies comments, even if you chose the wrong girls as best girls, so thank you for the reactions.

Even if I didn't comment, it's enjoyable watching with you guys and reading the comments. I recall a still shot of Yui's face at the beginning of season 2. If there's one for Yukino that you feel fits that kinda shot, lemme know. I can read the hiragana of the ramen place Hachiman takes Iroha into. It's nice and easy because the big characters are literally ra me n. This OVA must be a bittersweet experience for Isshiki fans, even i as someone who doesnt care that much about her felt a little sad, the moments in the second part where she looked so crestfallen when she realised she would never be as close as the trio, it even felt like she was acting the role of a wingman to Hikigaya.

One other thing, check Hikigaya's eyes in that service club photo and see where they are pulled towards: It reminds us of those distances show in S2. OreGairu is the story of two loners. There is something that they don't realize even though it is obvious to Hayama, Haruno, Hiratsuka-Sensei and Yui who commented on that in S1.

I wonder whether i will get more enjoyment from them getting together or more enjoyment from saying told you so to the naysayers: P in before Watarin throws us a curveball. They are my OreGairu Phobias. One is where Yuki-mom sends Yukino away from the awful rotten eyed commoner. The very worst one is Yukino, Hayama and parents signing arranged marriage papers long ago, when Hayama turns 18 it's done deal. Sure there are legal remedies for that BUT who does the legal work?

And who might control judges? Wtf is there such a thing as "arranged marriage papers", i dont think there is such a thing even in the third world shithole i live in: Yes, exists in Japan. One in six marriages in Japan are arranged, and it's more common among power and rich. Also, in Japan guy can get married by 18, and female 16 with parental permission.

Just think, in LN and anime even while Yukino is hostile to Hayama he still does favors she requests like doing another band number or doing campaign speech which eventually turned into his doing Yukino's speech when she decided to run. Why would he do what she says?

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Yeah but they would still need the minors consent, are you claiming the possibility that Yukinoshita agreed to something like that before: But don't take my various psychosis due to Vol 12 Deficiency to taken seriously. Instead let's think happy thoughts, the two loners are already in love but only they don't realize it, everyone else does. And Tobe finds out Hayama undermined his request with Ebina by feeling out her reactions before coming to club you can see them returning together to class right before then in anime , so Ooka, Yamato and Tobe drag Hayama into a back alley and beat the shit out of him until he pisses blood.

Then the clique is broken and Tobe is free to pursue Ebina without interference. Meanwhile, Yukino decides what she wants to do in life probably following father and negotiates with help of Dad again Yuki-mom's pigeon holing her into medical role in Hayama's family. Yukino and Hachiman confess their love, maybe even getting some insurance against future arranged marriages by ruining Yukino in the eyes of traditional people who want a certain kind of bride for those arranged marriages. Yukino's expression here cracks me up every time.

Just a fun bit of fluff, though I do like the clothes shop scene with Yukino and the pet shop scene with Yui, they're very cute. Either way that photo to me is still important for the series and what it means for the trio as a whole lol. Those clips of Iroha's rejections is what got me into Oregairu in the first place.

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She is a refreshing character, at least according to the LNs she is not supposed to be this relevant to the series, but it's whatever she lightens the mood. I notice 8-man is such a horn dog at times in this series and it's hilarious; Saki's black lace, Yumiko's pink panties, eyeing Iroha's thighs, but at the same time he's a gentleman lmao. You don't need big boobs Yukino I like you the way you are lol 8-man giving in to his inner cheerleader to let Yukino know not to give up.

God Yui, you are too sweet for this world at times, I too can't wait to have kids of my own: Enjoyable episode it may be fluff for others, but I take it to heart for that last scene and that photo the club takes together. So much meaning to it. I'll say my goodbyes in the discussion later today, great ova; could have not asked for anything better.

See everyone back real soon in the final discussion! I like how their ping pong game is very representative of their interactions. She tries a flirty trick only to get owned by his returns. He has his own surprises in store. But of course, he's not invulnerable to her charms either.

Not sure if anyone else noticed the way Iroha mis counted points was also from a commonly told rakugo story, Time Soba.

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Don't you guys think that when he look at the photo in the final scene and says "I felt that our feelings were drawn in this photo", and then it shows him looking in Yukino's way, that's a sign that he's gonna stick with her in the end? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link.


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Powerpuff Girls:Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice Then Kill Powerpuff Girls hahaha!

The show received two nominations for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series: Linda Doucett Darlene left the show at the end of season three. She had been in a six-year relationship with Shandling, but the couple became estranged between seasons and she was written out of the show. Some of the most popular episodes of the season included: The show won its first Emmy award: It was nominated for a further 12, including for Outstanding Comedy Series.

It received three nominations for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series: It received one Director's Guild of America Award nomination: Todd Holland for the episode "Arthur After Hours". Janeane Garofalo decided to leave due to decreasing screen time for her character Paula, the talk show's talent booker. Jon Stewart became a frequent guest who threatened to replace Larry on the talk show. Some of the most famous episodes of the series were made in this season: The show was nominated for 16 Emmy awards, breaking the record for most nominations for a Comedy Series for an individual Emmy year.

The record was maintained for ten years, until 30 Rock received 17 nominations for its second season in and then 22 nominations for its third season in The show was nominated for the fifth time for Outstanding Comedy Series, and was considered a front-runner for the award, but was defeated again by Frasier.

It received two nominations for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series: The season premiered on March 15, and ended on May 31, Shandling decided to make this the final season in part because of his high workload on the show. Most of the changes to the show occurred offscreen this season. All of the show's writers left except Shandling, Tolan, and Apatow, and a new writing staff was hired.

This season was also markedly less comedic than earlier ones. Sid, the cue card guy at the talk show, commits suicide in the episode "I Buried Sid".

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The finale was written by Shandling and Tolan. It was directed by Holland with a running time of 53 minutes. It aired on May 31, 16 days after the finale of Seinfeld , and was watched by 2. The finale got very positive reviews from critics, especially in comparison to Seinfeld' s series finale.

Coincidentally, Jerry Seinfeld appears as himself in the Larry Sanders finale. For its final Emmy year, it received 10 nominations and won two awards. Both wins were for the finale: It received its sixth nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series, but lost once again to Frasier , for the fifth year in a row. Holland for the episode "Flip. The following is a list of cast and characters who regularly appeared in one or more seasons of the show.

The following is a list of some of the celebrity guests who appeared on the show. In a commentary on the season one DVD, Shandling says the guests were invariably happy to parody their media images and generally shared the same sense of humor as himself and the other writers. The show had a total of thirteen directors.

Ken Kwapis directed most of the first season, including the pilot, and contributed to the visual style of the show. He later went on to direct episodes of The Office , also including the pilot, using a " mockumentary " approach. Shandling directed three episodes of the final season. It went to Holland for the series finale "Flip". More than 40 writers wrote episodes of the show. Shandling and Tolan were the head writers for the entire six-season run. Shandling and Dennis Klein wrote the pilot episode of the show. Shandling wrote 38, while Tolan wrote 23 episodes. LA Weekly called it "Very Funny".

Many critics called it one of the greatest television shows of all time. Ivan Morales calls it "the greatest HBO sitcom of all time". Brooke Allen in the New York Times called it "a comedy series so funny and risque as to make Seinfeld look positively bland".


Despite drawing small audiences, The Larry Sanders Show has been influential. The show's most significant innovation is in celebrities playing themselves. Matt Zoller Seitz wrote in Time Out Los Angeles that it introduced to television the cinematic technique of "walk and talk" where the camera follows the actors as they move around the offices in conversation. The whole postmodernist, self-reflexive fact-fiction sitcom thing. After the show ended, it came to be considered one of the finest TV shows of all time. In , The Larry Sanders Show: The compilation contains the episodes: Also included are two first-season episodes, "The Guest Host" and "The Talk Show", as well as the second-season episode, "The List" which was left out of the US cable syndication package offered to Bravo.

On November 2, , Shout! Factory released The Larry Sanders Show: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Garry Shandling Dennis Klein. List of The Larry Sanders Show episodes. List of characters on The Larry Sanders Show. List of The Larry Sanders Show guest stars. List of awards and nominations received by The Larry Sanders Show. Retrieved December 4, Jones; George Plasketes University Press of Kentucky. Retrieved 13 January Retrieved 15 April Retrieved 13 April Backstage at the Tonight Show: From Johnny Carson to Jay Leno.