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Production, structure and in vitro degradation of electrospun honeybee silk nanofibers. Acta Biomaterialia , 7 10 , , Expression, cross-linking and characterization of recombinant chitin binding resilin. Proceedings of the American Chemical Society, Polym. Macromolecules , 42 6 , , Thermal Analysis , 96, , Biomaterials , 31, , Biomacromolecules , 11 10 , , Stabilization of Enzymes in Silk Films , Biomacromolecules , 10 5 , , Biomacromolecules , 10, , Acta Biomaterialia , 6, , Macromolecular Bioscience , 10, , Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition , 20 13 , , Microphase separation restricted beta sheet self-assembly and crystallization kinetics in silk fibroin protein.

Proceedings of the American Chemical Society Polym. Arbeiter, Xiao Hu , D. Crystallization and melting of fibrous silk protein by fast calorimetric methods. Macromolecules , 41 11 , , Pyda , Xiao Hu , Peggy Cebe. Macromolecules , 41 13 , , Thermal Analysis , 93 1 , , Pyda , Xiao Hu, Peggy Cebe. Thermochimica Acta , , , Nanolayer biomaterial coatings of silk fibroin for controlled release. Journal of Controlled Release , , , Macromolecules , 39, Xiao Hu , Peggy Cebe. Invited talks and visits.

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New list since see News section above. Invited speaker Protein-based Biomaterials: Self-assembly and Medical Applications. Beta-sheet Crystallization in Silk Fibroin Film. Silk- Tropoelastin Biomaterial Alloys. Dynamic Elasticity Model of Resilin Proteins. Xiao Hu, Solomon Duki. Winner of Springer Best Poster Award in the conference.

Mechanism of Thermal Crystallization in Silk Fibroin. Silk-Human Tropoelastin Blend Biomaterials. Dynamic Mechanism of Resilin Elasticity. Reviewer for the journal Journal of Biomaterials Science: Winner of Springer Best Poster Award in the conference 9. Winner of Springer Best Poster Award in the conference As her friends looked on, Mr. Nannay twice with a shotgun and then shot himself in the head, prosecutors said. Both died at the scene. James' retirement as president in , Dr.

Donald Farish was chosen to succeed him and began further expansion on the Glassboro campus, opening state-of-the-art Science Hall in and a building to house the College of Education in In addition, acquisitions during the beginning of Farish's tenure as president led to the development of a tract of land bordering US Route and State Route 55 as the West Campus.

The Presidency of Donald J. Farish was noted for a continued crackdown on the university's partying culture which declined alongside a rise in SAT scores and class rank among the incoming freshman classes.

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The crackdown on the partying culture began in earnest in with the official banning of kegs for use by Greek letter organizations. On March 20, , President Farish announced a joint venture between the university and Major League Soccer MLS to construct a new athletic complex based around a 20, seat soccer-specific stadium on property owned by the campus at the intersection of U. Route and Route The stadium was planned to be complete for the start of the MLS season.

Unfortunately, budget problems in New Jersey resulted in cutbacks, including funding for infrastructure upgrades required to handle increased traffic that would have come with an MLS team. The plan fell through and the stadium project was relocated to nearby Chester, Pennsylvania. The northern portion of the West Campus expansion currently contains the South Jersey Technology Park as well as room for future expansion; the southern portion of the West Campus expansion will accommodate both academic and athletic facilities.

The University in opened a The health care company broke ground May 24, on a bed, ,square-foot facility that is expected to open in September It is planned to have 25 buildings to provide competitively price, Class "A" facilities for budding entrepreneurs, start-up and established companies. SJTP was incorporated as a non-profit corporation with its own board of directors. Jones Innovation Center, has been leased completely out and the revenue will help build a second building. The Tech Park's first incubated business, SocialReach , has successfully graduated into their own offices in Philadelphia.

In an effort to find Farrell's assailants, television stations in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York City aired reports on the murder, and America's Most Wanted twice featured segments on the incident. Following Farrell's murder a new campus security initiative was undertaken, starting with a point plan proposed by President Farish. The plan included hiring additional security staff, adding more fully trained police officers,starting a student patrol program, an expansion of the Safe Walk and Ride program, improving lighting in and around campus, installation of CCTV cameras, and changing security and police coverage from an 8-hour to a hour shift.

It was announced on June 26, that Rowan would be partnering with Cooper University Hospital to create a new four-year medical school to reside on Broadway in Camden. Opening in with an entering class of 50, [30] Cooper Medical School of Rowan University was the only medical school in the state not affiliated with UMDNJ prior to their closing, [31] and was the first new medical school in New Jersey in at least 30 years. In January , a state advisory committee proposed a plan [33] to merge Rowan with the Camden campus of Rutgers University which would have been separated from Rutgers under Rowan's name.

The University is currently divided into thirteen units: Notable virtuoso concert organist Gordon Turk became professor of organ instruction at Rowan University in Enrollment at Rowan from the fall semester of shows 15, undergraduates and 2, graduate students from 38 states and 34 countries. The overall admission rate is Undergraduates submitting statistics for a data set in had scores of at the 25th percentile and at the 75th percentile in SAT critical reading, and at the 25th percentile and at the 75th percentile for SAT Math. As of fall of the average accepted GPA was 3. News Best Colleges Rankings News Best Grad School Rankings Primary Care 51; Part-time M.

News Top Online Programs Rankings Rowan University has 16 sports teams 7 men's and 9 women's. Rowan's teams are styled as the Profs short for Professors, a nod to the school's history as a teaching college , and the current mascot is named "Whoo RU. The Profs football team is regularly a contender for the national title, having gone to the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl five times , , , , and the national semifinals in , , , and The women's field hockey team won the national championship in and had a perfect season of 21 wins and no losses. Rowan men's soccer has won national titles in both and , finished second in and , and third in , and The Chamberlain Student Center is the main location for dining on campus.

The Student Center also features a Game Room where students can play video games on consoles or play arcade games such as ski-ball, ping pong, and air hockey. The Whit is in the classic newspaper format and is published weekly except during exams. Initially formed in , Venue was a very political publication that only later changed its format. Venue prints out four issues a year in full color and is run completely by students.

Avant publishes fall and spring issues each year. In addition to print publications, Rowan also has an award-winning [49] radio station, Rowan Radio RTN currently consists of 11 student-produced television shows, various sports related programming, and coverage of topical events occurring on campus.

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Rowan provides housing for over 3, students in 12 housing complexes scattered around campus. Students have a choice between halls, apartments, or townhouses.

Rowan University Yearbooks | University and Regional History Collections | Rowan University

Full-time, non-commuter students are required to live in on-campus until the completion of their sophomore year, and are thus guaranteed on-campus housing during this time period. After this, students must enter into a housing lottery. With the university's continued growth, housing at Rowan's main Glassboro campus has reached capacity. To counter this, the university offers incentives for freshman students who volunteer to live in tripled units three students in a standard two person dorm room. As of fall , the tripling program has been highly successful at gaining voluntary sign-ups.

These buildings, located on the northeastern corner of the campus, feature shared "suite" type living arrangements sharing a common lounge and bathroom. Each building contains three floors and are considered freshmen-only. It houses freshmen in suites made up of two to three rooms that share a common bathroom.

Holly Pointe Commons is a 1, bed housing complex including a seat dining hall opened in the Fall semester. Constructed on the former location of Mansion Park Apartments, the taller portion of the complex is seven stories and is connected to a four-story building via overhead walkways. It is the first project constructed under a public-private partnership on Rowan's campus.

In mid, the Borough of Glassboro issued Requests for Qualified Developers for the remaining developable land along Rowan Boulevard. Additionally, the Borough is seeking to redevelop the former Roxy theatre location in Downtown Glassboro. Evergreen Hall and Mullica Hall are adjacent to each other and house students and students respectively.

Both buildings are 3 stories tall and use suites containing two rooms joined by a bathroom. They were the first residence halls on campus, and were used for classrooms for some time until they were renovated in and returned to living spaces. The suites share one or two bathrooms depending on configuration. Edgewood Park Apartments is a complex of four identical buildings, each with three floors and 24 quad-occupancy apartments, housing students. Triad Apartments was acquired by the University in and contains three wings of four floors each.

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The building's first floor was used as classroom space and the Office of Public Safety until a renovation in the early s converted it into student housing with air conditioning. The other three floors were unrenovated. It holds students. The Townhouse Complex was built in and has apartment style living units that accommodate students in single occupancy rooms. However, some students choose to live here because it is closer to most academic buildings and quieter than other locations.

There is a three-story parking garage to accommodate Townhouse residents.

Rowan Boulevard Apartments opened in September and is made up of four buildings housing students located along the south side of Route and Main Street. Three buildings housing students were completed for the — school year and the final building was completed the following year.

The Whitney Center is a five-story mixed use building located on Rowan Boulevard. The ground floor contains retail space including businesses such as Pizza Hut , and 7-Eleven. The top four floors contain student housing reserved for the Bantivoglio honors college. This 6 level , Sq. It then turns and runs along the midsection of Rowan Boulevard to Redmond Ave.

The mixed use building is owned by the developer Nexus Properties. It features beds of student housing in 4-bedroom apartments and 10 2-bedroom apartments. Through an agreement between the building owner and Rowan University, housing is managed through the Rowan housing request system. Finally, on the ground floor the building contains retail space and an outpatient medical facility managed through a partnership with Cooper Bone and Joint and Inspira Health Network. There are more than clubs and organizations at Rowan University; along with more than 20 Greek organizations on campus.

Cinema Workshop, the University's student film club, celebrated its 30th anniversary in Hollybush was originally the home of the Whitney family, and it was the first of its kind in South Jersey. It set a certain precedent with its Italianate architectural style, and its interior decorations attest to this precedent. Two of these significantly unique features of the house are the trompe de l'oeil ceilings in the parlor as well as the Summit Room, and the painted glass archway above and around the front door. The stone that was used in construction of Hollybush was New Jersey Ironstone, a sedimentary type stone that is found in the low hills and ridges of South Jersey.

The university is served by New Jersey Transit bus routes [61] and