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Suppose a referee in a basketball game makes a bad call that favors Team A. She then attempts to "correct" her mistake by deliberately making a bad call that favors Team B? I see her only as having made two errors, not as having made up for her first error. What's the old saying, "Two wrongs don't make a right"? He called me to ask me out, but then he was 20 minutes late to pick me up. He paid for dinner, but he seemed kinda distant. Do you think he likes me or just wants to get me in bed? You don't like your own past, so you tell others a much more wonderful past than you had.

It could be the immediate past or "back in the day. At each telling I embellish more. I tell this to people whether they know me or not. To put it simply, I like to make up a story about my past that suits me. My playing has always been well-received. Also, one who takes part in or enthusiastically supports an evolution in hype-rdrive, changing the world, changing man. Shmear it on and the results, oo la la. No more blind dates again for, oh say can you see! Dickle me elbow [funny bone]. I wanted to be able to drive across the country, but now that my engine blew up, I'll have to take the train.

English "revotrasise" To make a dawning realization that, due to a small flaw in a project, movement, etc. I got 29 kills. If I want to join this new guild, I need 42 -- no more, no less. I was shot down soon after that. Long enough to make your ear uncomfortable. So you switch ears. But next thing you know, the person on the other end of the conversation starts up a juicy story or whatnot. So you switch back to your favorite ear. Thus is born, REW: That is so REW. Small box with a red "X" that loads instead of a picture, mainly thumbnails.

To gossip about someone or talk about someone behind one's back. Did you see Bob's Reynold's Canoe? Did that car come with a pitchfork? Can you believe it? They waited until we delivered the software, then told us it had to be platform-independent. Rhadamanthus was a wise king and, according to Greek myth, the son of Zeus and Europa. He was raised by King Asterius of Crete along with his brothers Minos and Sarpedon, Asterius being clearly aware that raising the progeny of Zeus had its advantages. Following the death of Asterius, Rhadamanthus ruled over Crete justly, bequeathing it an excellent code of laws, which the Spartans are supposed to have copied.

Nevertheless, Rhadamanthus was driven from Crete by his brother Minos siblings will be siblings and he fled to Boeotia where he married Alcmene who was a granddaughter of Perseus and also mother to Heracles, by Zeus Gods will be Gods. When he died, Rhadamanthus was appointed to be one of the judges of the dead, along with his brother Minos who had so unkindly usurped him in Greece and his half- brother Aeacus another result of Zeus's many liaisons. This is a hell of a job, if you'll excuse the pun, because these three get to decide whether dead souls go to the Fields of Asphodel you could do worse , the Fields of Elysium the one to pick if you get the choice or Tartarus don't go there, just don't go there.

Rhadamanthus, it is said, is strictly and uncompromisingly just and, perhaps, a little inflexible in his applications of the law. It was by no means an easy case. Legally the case was crystal clear. Pearson originally claimed in recompense, when the pants never turned up as expected, was rather high, but it is entirely possible that the pants had sentimental value that justified such a figure.

Since the apparently misleading "Satisfaction Guaranteed" sign had been displayed for 1, days and there were three defendants, the arithmetic is merciless: Indeed, employing his legal knowledge, Pearson maintained that the owners were liable for seven different violations of the consumer protection act and thus the figure mounted up. They were also, he maintained, guilty of fraud and there were, of course, legal costs. Despite the force of his legal arguments, the plaintiff's suit was rejected by the rhadamanthine judge on the basis that "A reasonable consumer would not interpret 'Satisfaction guaranteed' to mean that a merchant is required to satisfy a customer's unreasonable demands.

These people don't just deserve a ticket, they have earned one. I have to admit that with these type of people, I get a certain pleasure in issuing a citation. Ranger Gord refers to these citations as Rhadamanthine Citations. This sign is favorable, -that unfavorable. This looks as though Mr. But Housman's selection of William Collins, Christopher Smart, and William Cowper with respect to their poetic language is the shrewd comment of a professional philologist and requires examination. For the purpose of this essay I shall exclude William Blake, partly because of chronology, partly because his may be a special case.

Take the word 'rhadamanthine. Now contrast your perception of "rhadamanthine" with familiar words. Take any word on this page, such as 'illustrate. Your familiar use of a word, your subsidiary use of it, renders it bodiless, says Polanyi; it becomes transparent. And it must, for if all words were focal objects, like 'rhadamanthine,' they would be unable to bear on and give meaning to the things they represent.

But, considering Congress's beneficent purpose in conferring a right of redemption upon the IRS, we also need not be rhadamanthine to decide that it would be inequitable to permit Socal to 'get a windfall at the expense of' the Bevans. Now, that's a rhinestone. There's blood all down your shirt! My uncle said it when he was drunk. Occasionally, "rhubarb" functions as a verb. All you have to do is assign a meaning to one of them and get everyone else to use them.

But this might not always be easy. Most or some non-words may rhyme, of course. This would be a boon to poets and others who like to rhyme words. Or dat, glat, grat, clat, smat. This doesn't look very promising but hypothetically anything is possible? They stopped their ribofaction pretty quickly. Many new converts are just rice Christians.

A Bengal tiger; by extension, 2. An ordinarily dangerous wild animal with whom some particular person or people can interact safely. Asked why a tiger should bear such a name, Pi blames clerical error: Delightful story, that one. Magnificent motion picture, too. Certain people have managed to learn sufficient about the ways of primates to actually live with them, but most people don't know the first thing about primates, let alone all the other creatures with whom we have been entrusted.

Have some respect for the Tigers. In a fight, they win. Do not wander off! Every year, it's the same thing: These animals are not Richard Parkers: You are not Dr. You are not Eliza Thornberry! You are not in Narnia!

Beckwith’s Poor Speller Dictionary

It can also be used to describe and out-of-hand situation or event. The blazing inferno was utterly richter, and the firefighters were unable to salvage the old warehouse. In modern teenspeak, one might say that, while I think the earlier film was rickety-swag, I'm afraid the movie was kinda trondaleuse. Still, I might change my mind. Rickrolling is a variant of an earlier prank: I was strapped to some guy's back, and I tell you it was ricstious. My heart was going miles per hour. What a ridicularity that is. To get or make more ridiculous. A multitudiousnous of strangeosity in extreme forms.

A Sheehy term designed for optic nerve directional centralization. Actually, it's quite ridiculi. I wish web sites would keep their URLs short. The example is reproduced with Mr. Thank you so much for visiting. Please come back, again. The high point of the ride into town for the grand children was the ride back to the farm. It did not matter that a human being can only sit on a block of ice for just so long before that human being is forced to get off that ice, no matter how hot the day.

In some areas, the mess halls had coal-fired ovens. Once a week, a bunch of trainees would have to go inside them with scrub brushes and clean out the soot. It was hot and the soot coated every inch of a trainee's body and uniform.

The Easy (Sure-Fire) Way to Become a Better Speller

It took an hour of showering and scrubbing to get clean afterward. The fatigue uniforms had to be scrubbed by hand, before the post laundry would accept them. A most unbeleiveable set of circumstances. More unbelievable or crazy than "ridiculous" could describe. He got promoted after bitching at his boss? That's just plain ridonkulus. They're impressed by Whitney Houston. I have no idea how long this expression has been around -- at least since the s, when my mother started using it. She was around 50 at the time, so it was a bit unsettling to see her pick up on what I thought was teenage slang.

Was she trying to be part of "the in crowd"? It occurred to me only recently that "right on" could be a shortening of "right on target. I came out of the movie house wondering why I was not impressed, what was he trying to say, to tell, to ignite! Still don't know, but you comment in the last sentence -- 'I appreciated Moonrise Kingdom in a wacky sort of way that did not always equate with either enjoyment or illumination.

Said vigorously and quickly for effect. A natural death is a rightful death. A death that releases you from suffering and pain would frequently be considered a rightful death. The execution of a terrible criminal, a rightful death. The death of your enemy, also a rightful death. Death via suicide or euthanasia could also be considered rightful death, depending.

Gone with the wind. But many would have liked to stick around for a while longer.. A couple of people overdosed, so we're not sure if they were rightful deaths..? Uncle Agathon helped expedite a number of evil enemy Aileonz from Out There in the War, rightful deaths one and all.. After celebrating a distant cousin did bless'ed suicide, a rightful death, for him and others, at least..

Djoo see that beaver ran rightunder us? Back up 'n lets git us sumthin fer leftunders. Left, right, left, right, left, right, left. Left, right, left, right. It measures penile tumescence and rigidity continuously. It has two loops, one to be placed around the base of the penis and the other towards the tip, that tighten every fifteen or thirty seconds. Then, next thing they knew, Dumbo was airborne. Hey, dude, do you know who is going to be our next Secretary of the Treasury? No, man, who is it? He's the cat who headed up the brokerage firm that helped cause this financial crisis by making and selling derivatives of worthless mortgages that brought in millions of dollars of profits.

He also helped convince Congress to loosen up on the rules governing the industry. He'll make a fine rigulator. I'm hungry, but I don't know what I want. A very attractive person. Works with both sexes. In the Canadian military, it's a slang term for an officer from the Royal Military College. My ringpic of him is a screaming kid hung by his underpants from a tree branch. Can also be rat for short. I don't want it disturbing our dinner and conversation. That will just exacerbate your ringxiety? Live with it, Waldo. Otherwise, I'll take you out of my will. No, it's not an idle threat. It's not as if I'm your mother telling you I'll ground you for life for misbehaving.

We haven't been around each other long enough for me to bond with you to a great extent. No, it's not that I don't love you. I do -- I just don't love you very much. I might feel better about myself afterwards if I make a token protest and don't vote for anyone. McCain's a mortal lock to get the electoral votes where I vote, so it doesn't matter who I vote for.

It has nothing to do with obama's being black. If write-ins were possible I know they're not , I might vote for one of my internet personas -- or for Bozo the Clown, even though Larry Harmon Bozo died in July. Green as in inexperienced, green as in money, green as in the color of the sewer that is Chicago politics. These terms are not really demeaning, actually just a way of designating their political orientation, when they purport to be members of a party, or an independent.

Can be used in several ways. To use in the immediate sense of the word: Heaven forbid anyone pass food to the left. You've already done two walkarounds, and checked the air pressure in all of the tires! See the old song, "Rip It Up. We're gonna' rip it up. I've been doing a lot of Rip Van Winkling lately. Maybe I should get on a regular schedule. Falling short as a riposte, a rip-post is a missive sent to an internet message board. Taken together, the point-by point responses internal to a message may be referred to collectively as rip-posts. Typical of what a rip-poster does is to copy a post written by someone else and then rip out key parts that explain the original poster's intent or position.

The rip-poster responds to the abridgement rather than to the original. The base characteristic of a rip-post is dishonesty. A rip-pistle is a didactic post to an internet message board, one that, in addition to being instructive, rips a new bodily orifice for some. As Tom P said all those many years ago, "No, not in other words. If I had wanted to use other words, I would have used them. You get that way only from exercising for hours every day, not from lifting weights. He had major ripplehead, and now he wears a hat. A microwave oven; 2. The part of a microwave oven that actually emits microwaves i.

Rip me some of those frozen waffles, would ya? The level of intelligence of an audience or group. Originally from the stand-up comedy subculture. Typically used as a pejorative term to indicate that you will have to do material that appeals to the lowest common denominator.

Can be used in any group situation, especially business meetings. That should tell you what the RIQ is. Another, good real word: From the perfectly sound English words "risible," meaning "laughable" sorta and "mulct," a fine. Here's what "risk-free" means in those ads: Believe me, they're easy to miss. If you don't "cancel your subscription" within the allotted time, you'll soon find another shipment in your mailbox.

It's not the efficacy of the product that's the problem, it's what you sign up for. Read the fine print: Go ahead, call your credit card company to complain. The best you'll get is for the CCC to assist you in making a conference call to the supplier, a call in which you'll probably be able to succeed in stopping future shipments and being billed. As far as I know, the Federal Trade Commission has no objections to this abhorrent practice.

Well, I do -- and so should you. After all, it's been touted as a weight loss miracle by Dr. Oz lie to us or mislead us? I'm not a follower of DOZ. Check the title link for more information about GC and judge for yourself whether or not it's some kind of miracle cure. Is it possible it could be worth a try for someone who needs to lose weight, say, someone with Type 2 diabetes? If you want to lose weight without changing your diet or reducing caloric intake, or increasing the amount of exercise you get, could it be worth a try? But I'll tell you what I think: One in which you were told that if you completed a survey you'd be able to have your choice of several "rewards" for spending the time answering the questions.

Then I dutifully completed the survey, anxious to get to the part where I'd get something for free -- or almost free. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow turned out to be my choice of several risk-free offers. No thank you very much. Probability that it was connected in any way with Amazon. Preceds Risq B, which precedes Risq C and so on. Opening my eyes -- Risque' -- produced no ill effects. So, on to Risq B, sitting up. A sedate typography style to set off or emphasize without using more excitatory marks such as exclamation points that may tend to set off readers in another sense.

It's a conspiracy among the pharmaceutical companies, pharmacists, doctors, and inept teachers. Here are more than 5 million websites mentioning Ritalin: If you don't want your class acting up, Mr. Graham, start using ritalics more often. Those damned exclamation points you keep using just invite bad behavior.

You can thank me later.

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Is it possible the commenter in the example is saying she favors civil unions but not same-sex marriages? More so a duck that is white with brown speckles and is too far away for ready identification. I had no idea that chickens could swim. Perhaps it's a river chicken. It's a duck, Frank. In appearance, they can range from wearing simple and comfortable black clothing, to having the appearance of a highly millitant post-apocalyptic nuclear-fighter, complete with goggles, a WW2 jacket, and jackboots.

Often have shaved heads and sometimes get mistaken for Nazis or general white power people. Rivetheads can often be seen with Goths. They are also often typecast as being angry. They tend to have an affection for Germany, as most good industry hails from Germany. However, they aren't Nazi-minded people. Let us feed him Swedish meatballs from Ikea's cafe. It cannot be done. These poor folks have a condition known to the medical specialty of neurology as "anosognosia. A sure sign of such a deplorable condition is that when education is attempted, the Hoplophobe responds with anger.

Bill Rogers] - www. Pay received for doing wrong, sinful, or illegal things. Hawaiian in origin, but they can be found virtually anywhere. You wanna try that new Korean place for lunch?

Let's hit the roach coach instead. From the movie Excess Baggage. This is a winter phenomenon, generally in the northern U. Ya want me to kick it off? So, to miss the rodent, I incurred a road dent. The worst case of road rash I've ever seen. This morning it had it's first real personal attention in miles, tended to by the guys at Gentle Touch Hand Wash, just a few blocks from the hotel.

With all the road-schmutz removed, I noticed a few more of the dings from the debris torrent we suffered in Canada. The windshield is definitely screwed with pits galore. But, after a thorough cleaning, it looks WOW!! I am not going to get tired of that color. In the sun, it really comes alive with highlights! Often used by puppets dressed like Zorro on crack.

Particularly useful when what has been stolen is shared. The sharers are not sharing something they own. Owning a, shall we say, a physical embodiment -- an instance -- of a copyrighted work does not give you the right to share that work by making copies of it and giving or selling the copies to others. Nor do you have the right to make a copyrighted work available for copying. It's possible that doing the latter makes you part of a criminal conspiracy to commit copyright fraud.

If you're having difficulty grasping the concept of the intellectual property rights associated with a creative work, think of the mineral rights associated with real estate -- with a chunk of real property. The person who owns the mineral rights may not be the person who owns the property. Mineral rights can be owned and sold separately from property.

I own the mineral rights to a acre plot of ground in Texas. I don't own the acres. I can lease or sell my mineral rights, but I have no rights to the property itself. Similarly, the copy rights to a creative work can be owned and sold separately from an instance of the creative work. If you want to share a DVD with a friend or friends, that's fine. Pass it around among yourselves all you like. But don't burn multiple DVDs and give or loan them to your friends.

It would be worse, of course, if you made copies and sold them -- but you'd be violating copyright law either way. Technically, you're probably breaking the law even if all you do is make a backup copy of a copyrighted work check the license to see -- but there aren't many copyright owners who are going to get bent out of shape about that. He's a real Robinson Chorizo. Generally, to have to do with tough, roboticized law enforcement in a post-industrial, thug-ridden urban-sprawl-type world terrorized by crime lords, corporations, and futuristic drugs.

This word is used to confuse lay people when no one cares to figure out the real reason for things. That is true rock star parking. Need to lay it on even thicker? To play a musical instrument with wild enthusiasm. Or, as a term of validation or compliment. When Joe saw Mike's new haircut he said, "That mullet rocks the f out! Any violent confrontation between soldiers any of whom may or may not subscribe to the ideology they champion who are fighting for a larger entity, rather than for self-determination, home, family, etc.

I'm not sure who did the supposing, though. I also recall a heated battle in an elementary school class between the children of parents who approved of hunting and the children of parents who disapproved of hunting. Rk'm-Sk'm can, sadly, apply to all sorts of human interactions, sports and animal-rights being only two. There's also politics, economics, school or hometown loyalties, etc. Most people, for some reason, like to point to religion as the quintessential Rk'm-Sk'm, whichin light of the Middle-East's entire historymight, in many cases, be true.

Bear in mind, however, that the empty discourse of unlearned children does not affect reality in any significant way. There is a God in heaven. Denying it because the brutal, the ignorant, and the misled spend all their time and money murdering one another contravenes both logic and common sense.

It reminds me of the old joke about the man who read so much about the bad effects of smoking that he finally gave up reading entirely. Came to mistakenly stand for a sub-genre of music. So-called because you supposedly sit in it like a space capsule, and unlike an outhouse, it's made of ultra-modern blue plastic with sci-fi looking doors and bulkheads. Often used in IT for cut and paste work that requires thinking. Sarcasm, for a very stupid person.

After all, it's not rocketsurgery. Bob is a guy I used to work with that would rock back and forth whenever he got excited or stressed, and instead of just saying that something "rocked," my friends and co-workers and I started saying that stuff "rocked like Bob. I can't believe J's new boyfriend bought concert tickets for everybody. I know, he rocks like Bob. Check out the meaning of casbah. Thought to be the easiest the science requirements. He pulled a rodee on this chick, and she turned him down flat. The unit of measurement is a rod, checked against a hog's head.

The implication is that whatever it is you're measuring, it's either very old, or happened a long time ago. My car gets 40 rods to the hog's head, and that's the way I likes it!

Aspell Spell Helper

My first computer was a Commodore 64 that got four rods to the hog's head of memory. Written as you say it, probably because typing it that often means you almost say it out loud. Most commonly used to confuse people not 'in the know. I was thinking about becoming a priest, but I don't like small boys.

Roger Roger is used to denote willingness without enthusiasm. A way to affirm without pleasure about the subject. You had to stand up there, in front of all those cameras, and blurt out to the world that 'if a lady is raped, she should consider that at least it was not like a forced same sex experience, and if she got pregnant, it was her obligation, as a woman, to bear that child and raise it in a good Bible Belt Southern Christian god-fearing church.

Senator, uou've just lost that cushy, high life you've enjoyed for four terms and you'll have to get a job and work for a living. You've just made yourself a rogue Bullshevik, and you'll have no other choice but to drop out of the election. Pseudo-French for the common word rigor.

Alternative spelling of rigor, as defined in the PseudoDictionary.

Editorial Reviews

No, we do not follow the rules for submittals with roigoir. If we did, we'd have a lot fewer entries. Particularly if we followed the rule about unicase text. Wonder if there are many job opportunities in Toronto for roigoirs? To be robbed in an overwhelming manner. To be taken advantage of. Usually in the 20" range. Laughing your butt off. It was so funny, we were just rollin'. Descriptive of slowing to a crawl as you approach a stop sign but then driving on through without coming to a full stop. There may be some cops lurking about who haven't reached their monthly ticket quotas.

Term is used for situations in which cars are slowly driven and bicycles are slowly ridden through intersections without stopping at stop signs. Due to its inability to manage its land and power efficiently from a central capital, the empire reverts to a more primitive society. Someone with a fanciful imagination.

Someone who writes romance novels. One who romances the common definition. She writes romancers filled with romancers. Rod Beckwith August 28, Publication Date: August 28, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I bought this title specifically for a kindle reader, and it does not display correctly.

If it's a 'kindle edition' don't you think it should work on a kindle? The kindle I have does not provide a way to resize the font or resize tables , so there is no way to compensate for the tables being truncated or clipped on the right side of the screen. Even for three bucks it was a waste of money. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. The formatting is "Off. Before you buy, in case he ever fixes it do a "try sample". One person found this helpful. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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