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These adverse effects were most evident in the months immediately following treatment and were less in eyes assigned to less extensive scatter photocoagulation. Provided careful follow-up can be maintained, scatter photocoagulation is not recommended for eyes with mild or moderate nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy.

BREADS: Recipe Study No. 9

When retinopathy is more severe, scatter photocoagulation should be considered and usually should not be delayed if the eye has reached the high-risk proliferative stage. The ETDRS results demonstrate that, for eyes with macular edema, focal photocoagulation is effective in reducing the risk of moderate visual loss but that scatter photocoagulation is not. Focal treatment also increases the chance of visual improvement, decreases the frequency of persistent macular edema, and causes only minor visual field losses.

Focal treatment should be considered for eyes with macular edema that involves or threatens the center of the macula.

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Étude Op. 10, No. 9 (Chopin) - Wikipedia

The Huginn X1 quadcopter can fly as far as 2 kilometers from its controller and has a maximum flight time of 25 minutes. The Huginn X1 quadcopter was flown for a number of missions in and around Tacloban and provided an aerial view of roadways, damaged buildings and other important real-time information. One such mission included flying over the Carigara District Hospital, west of Tacloban, which had reportedly been damaged by the storm.

Pollini plays Chopin Etude Op.10 No.9

Roadways to reach the hospital were difficult to access and there was concern for the security of teams that would be sent out to assess the state of the building. The deployment of the Huginn X1 quadcopter provided aerial imagery of the hospital and allowed Team Rubicon to assess the damage from the air and provided accurate information on the needs for repairs and materials without setting foot on the ground.

A Study of LoRa: Long Range & Low Power Networks for the Internet of Things

This was one of a handful of useful examples of UAV deployment in the context of Typhoon Haiyan and provides a framework for further use of drones in emergency response activities moving forward. One of the central lessons learned from this deployment, however, is the time sensitivity of deployments. UNDAC had already moved on to a phase of the emergency where the benefits of the drone were less clear. Nevertheless, the UNDAC teams welcomed the use of the drone as a pilot to better determine if and how drones could be useful in disaster response.

The flights proved useful to evaluate the possible benefits of such assets as part of the emergency response toolkit. Both cited the added value of a UAV in expediting evaluations of road conditions, a time-consuming task normally undertaken by a group of people who walk the road assessing the amount of debris. Flying a drone over the same area is much faster and allows the assessment of a much larger area based on real-time information. The information acquired can prove vital in choosing the best pathway to a given location.

Other applications include finding bodies and debris floating in water, as was the case in Tacloban Bay, assessing building damage or detecting survivors in forests or under debris by using the thermal bands of the camera. No known independent research has analysed the social acceptance of UAVs use in the emergency response to Typhoon Haiyan. Danoffice reported that local populations expressed a great interest and curiosity about the new technology and its application rather than disapproval.

91% of Content Gets No Traffic From Google. And How to Be in the Other 9% (New Research by Ahrefs)

According to UNDAC, the ease with which they received permission to fly the drone might indicate a general public willingness to approve the use of all possible tools to facilitate the work of the international team. On the other hand, permission for a pilot mission may be easier to obtain than blanket authorization to use drones for search and rescue and emergency response work.

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  5. Team leader Sjaak Seen of UNDAC highlighted the importance of a framework standard operating procedures for implementing drone use, and the need for defining the benefits that drones can bring to the operation. Especially in search and rescue, any new tool has to be an asset — not a burden — for the team on the ground.

    The wider use of drones in search and rescue requires additional planning and the creation of a strategy and standard operating procedures. In addition, any drone deployment should be connected to the disaster response coordination mechanism governmental, international or both and governed by a memorandum of understanding among the partners.

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    Having a clear structure and the necessary contacts and permissions in place in advance creates the right environment for the effective use of drones.