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Our agents will determine if the content reported is inappropriate or not based on the guidelines provided and will then take action where needed. Thank you for notifying us. I hope Cathy Holton considers this possibility! Jun 25, Robin rated it really liked it. I just couldn't get into this audiobook; maybe a mood thing. The mother-in-law from hell was even more mean spirited than usual. The debutantes were not as interesting. Just not as good as the first book. Oct 28, Steele rated it it was amazing.

Kudzu Cottage

I thought the first book was choice, but this one kept me reading every chance I got until I was done! You absolutely have to read Revenge of the Kudzu Debutantes first, if I had known I just would have gotten both of them at one time. Nov 05, Sarah rated it liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Felt a bit pedantic at times as the author rehashed plot points from the first book, and Lavonne's [spoiler alert] sudden and inexplicable fascination with Jung comes out of left field. Still, an enjoyable read and fun to see where the characters go after the first book.

Dec 03, Nancy Wilkinson rated it really liked it. A really fun book that made me laugh more than once. I liked the characters from the first book and as our relationship grew, I liked them even more. I liked their strength and their strong mutual support. And I really, really want to go to the Kudzu Ball! Oct 25, Liane rated it liked it. This was a cute story though it tidied up a little too nicely.

Too may superficial relationships and connections. It reminded me of the Yahoo sisterhood. I can't really relate to certain aspects of southern culture and there was really too much drinking. Apr 06, Janice rated it it was amazing. About mid-way through I found out it's actually the second book of the series, the first being Revenge of the Kudzu Debutantes, which I've ordered and can't wait to start reading!

This book made me proud to be woman raised in the South! Jul 14, Heather rated it liked it Shelves: I wish there had been more.



A tad bummed that it seems like it's over. I really liked Edie and Lavonne and Nita but while Edie did seem to have a very minuscule story line, I had hoped for more. The Virginia storyline was great! This is one of the wittiest and most fun books I've read. It's full of sarcasm, conniving southern belles, loyal friendships and tough and sweet romance. All in all, a recipe for an incredibly enjoyable novel. I highly recommend this one! Nov 14, Kesha rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was good.

Pretty witty, but I had a feeling the plot would have a strange twist. I figured out the twist, but kept reading anyway. I liked the first one much better. Sep 12, Molly added it. I read it because it was fluffy and didn't cost much. It won't keep you up at night. Feb 24, Christina Simons rated it really liked it. This one is also very, very funny. Read it when you need a good laugh. Not interested in finishing this book. Read the first few chapters, the women are catty and manipulative. Perversely this could be considered a coming of age yarn, with these women reaching a stage of life where their experience and fortitude matured them sufficiently to ask for respect, and for their self-centred, cheating immature husbands to reexamine their self importance.

Lastly, it contains the funniest vignet Frankly, this tidbit of a novel provided me with vicarious pleasure, as these three ladies buddied up to plan, protect themselves and help each other rediscover long forgotten strengths. Lastly, it contains the funniest vignette, where the snotty rich boys are taken down many notches by staff at a ranch, that I have ever belly-laughed over- almost worth reading the whole book alone! Eadie, Lovene and Nita live in Ithaca, Georgia with their wealthy established lawyer husbands.

When New Yorker Lovene's husband Larry inherited a tidy sum shortly after they married, she found herself selling her accounting business and moving South without any consultation so Larry could purchase a business with status. Now, forty-six and with two daughters close to college age, Larry's lack of attentiveness is noticeable, Lovene still feels like an outsider in the Old South aristocracy and ponders on the twenty years ahead.

Both Eadie and Nita have married "up", to Trevor and Charles with their houses full of antiques and disdainful families; Larry is the third partner in the firm. The ladies discover that for fifteen years their husbands have included prostitutes on their annual gentry-style weekly hunting trip. The women also realize how vulnerable their financial circumstances are, blindly having trusted their husbands- only to find out that they own nothing jointly.

Stealthy shenanigans ensue, deals are developed, the hunting lodge owner is up for duplicitous hi-jinks and the stage is set for the hilarious and satisfying conclusion. I found myself wishing that I'd had friends like these twenty years ago. The book was published over ten years ago but it has stood the test of time.

I see that there are some less than favourable reviews; some knock it because it caricatures the South, others because it is so light. I like it, a lot- as an old war horse of divorce, it was enjoyable to laugh over the past and cheer for the survivors. Some men, yes, were included. Four stars for comedic mature chick lit. View all 6 comments. Jul 14, Agatha Donkar rated it it was ok Shelves: Her characters are caricatures, she writes the South like someone who's not entirely comfortable there -- her least cartoonish character was the transplanted Yankee -- and everything's resolved neatly with no repercussions for some incredibly outrageously illegal behavior in about 20 pages.

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While I found that tie-up mechanism charming and effective in One Mississippi , I found it sloppy and irritating in this one. Jul 15, Ellen rated it liked it Shelves: Eadie, Lavonne and Nita are best friends and married to the 3 partners in a thriving Ithaca, Georgia law firm. Eadie and husband Trevor are currently separated as he is dating his lovely young secretary. Lavonne and Leonard merely coexist in the same house; she spends all of her time raising their two daughters and chairing committees.

Nita is married to the overbearing Charles who is rarely at home but demands that his rules must be followed to the letter by Nita and their 2 children. The three Eadie, Lavonne and Nita are best friends and married to the 3 partners in a thriving Ithaca, Georgia law firm. The three women happen upon a photo album that their husbands have been keeping for years showing photos of their annual hunting trip in the wilds of Montana. Looking a bit more closely at the pictures they notice a few things that should not be there: Just what kind of hunting have their men been up to? Eadie, Lavonne and Nita put their heads together and come up with a plan to exact revenge on their straying spouses and it is one that will have their husbands completely at their mercy.

This was a pleasant enough read; some great humor at times. I like all three of the women although I can't imagine why they put up with their husbands for so long. The men are caricatures of haughty, self-involved businessmen. I enjoyed the women's revenge plot. Nov 26, Emily rated it it was ok Shelves: Three women in Georgia learn their husbands have been cheating on them and plot revenge!

Then the revenge goes off without a hitch and barely any worrying. And each woman gets what she wants. And all their children are happy and their financial situations are secure. The book could have used a few twists.

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It was sweet tea without any lemon. It's great to have a happy ending but it's boring when they plan out a scheme, the scheme goes off easily and quickly, and the schemers feel satisfied. I enjoyed this audiobook as a purely escapist, summer read. It was definitely stereotypical in it's characters, but hey, it lead to several chuckles on my part. All of my husbands' Alabama family say "fix'in" and "ya'll" among many other "Southern" words and phrases. I'm proud to be a Southerner from Arkansas!

Sep 04, Carolyn rated it really liked it. If you are looking for serious literature give this book a miss. However, if you want a humorous, easy, escapist beach read unfortunately containing numerous typos this is a good choice. While the characters are fairly one-dimensional, there are some home truths buried in the crazy behaviour regarding marital relationships a If you are looking for serious literature give this book a miss. While the characters are fairly one-dimensional, there are some home truths buried in the crazy behaviour regarding marital relationships and how they change, for better or worse, over time.

The toast Lavonne gives at the Kudzu Ball sums up the book nicely: Aug 07, Pat rated it it was amazing. Being raised in the South, I grew up among a lot of women just like her characters. Strong Southern women, whether from birth or acquiring later in life, every Southern woman has this strength inside her just waiting to appear when she needs it most. I am so heartbroken that the author, Cathy Holton has passed away.

I would have enjoyed reading her for the rest of my life. I have three more to go. I look forward to reading the rest! Holton for the enjoyment readi Loved this book! Holton for the enjoyment reading your books has given me!

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Feb 07, Teresa Perez rated it really liked it. Oct 26, Linda G rated it really liked it. I'd like to try another book by this author. Mar 08, Joanne rated it really liked it. Holton uses humor to lighten up the realities of some really mismatched marriages.

Women tended to enter marriages with a death till we part attitude in the South and in the past. Men, from the South and elsewhere, seemed to lose track of the value of a wife and mother, and feel entitled to dalliances as they grew to take their lovely wives for granted. Historically, there has been a great deal of suffering and abuse in many well intended marriages, due to "expectations," of gender and social cl Holton uses humor to lighten up the realities of some really mismatched marriages.

Historically, there has been a great deal of suffering and abuse in many well intended marriages, due to "expectations," of gender and social class. Without the "hammer" to escape some of these marriages made other than heaven, women have suffered a great deal and missed out on what it's like to be truly loved and respected. With humor Holton takes several couples and shows some revenge tactics used by women, to get out of these otherwise vise grip situations.

No wonder, there have been plots to escape demeaning unions. While I find nothing humorous about a marriage ending, I do understand the sociological and psychological mismatches that have occurred through time. Might as well use humor. It's not that I think this book is particularly bad, I just think it wasn't for me.

Kudzu Cottage: Hiding Places - M. Spealmann - Google Книги

I'm not really even sure how I came in contact with it and what made me think it would appeal to me. It's far into the ChickLit category which is not usually where my tastes lie. I found the characters terribly uninteresting and found myself through most of the book wondering how they could even let their lives get to If you're looking for The Help or Fried Green Tomatoes, DO NOT choose this book to fill that void. I found the characters terribly uninteresting and found myself through most of the book wondering how they could even let their lives get to the point they were. The only character I really liked and found interesting was the mother of one of the wives that comes in toward the end and only hangs around for a short time.

I think I would have definitely enjoyed her story more. It's just that when I've been with it a couple of hours, I feel I owe it to the author to give the book a chance to get interesting.