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You feel as though you are just going through the motions. During a spiritual attack the enemy uses a variety of circumstances to oppress the mind and bring great frustration. A person who is under siege finds themselves on edge and anxious.

October 2018

During a spiritual attack there is often great confusion about spiritual direction. This is one of the chief goals of an attack, to get a believer out of destiny. That wrong move begins by bringing confusion. The enemy bombards the mind with various thoughts and ongoing temptation in order to rob peace. The mind becomes irritated and exhausted. The enemy does all that he can to bring mental fatigue. Unusually sluggish and tired. A lack of energy and vitality are often the result of an extended attack.

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Certainly these issues can occur with natural problems, lack of sleep or health battles. In this case though, the root cause is the effect of prolonged spiritual battles. Strong urge to quit assignment.

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Every believer is born with unique purpose. As God created a purpose for each believer, He also gave unique gifts and grace to fulfill that plan. When a person is living in the high calling, they will prosper in various areas: They will receive financial blessing by excelling in the area that God has called them to. They will feel satisfied and fulfilled living out their destiny.

Simply put, the enemy hates when a believer is boldly walking out their purpose and plan. During an attack he will overwhelm them with thoughts and desires to give up and abandon their post!

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This is one of his greatest purposes behind spiritual attacks. Drawn back towards old bondages. In a long spiritual battle a person is often pulled back towards negative cycles that they broke free from. The enemy wants to enslave them once again in the same old bondages. If he can discourage them bad enough to give into sin that they were free from then he can loose shame and condemnation upon them causing them to spiral down into deeper defeat.

Questioning direction and call that was once so clear. As the enemy attacks the life of a believer he begins to give them reasons to give up on the very thing that God called them to.

Leonard Ravenhill Quotes

This is one of his master tools. He releases confusion, shame, intimidation and a variety of vile schemes to create a cloud of uncertainty. Again, his ultimate goal is to get a believer off the pathway of destiny, A person who is under attack may find themselves deeply questioning the road that they are traveling.

Usually, they begin to reexamine decisions that were once crystal clear. Oftentimes a person in the midst of an attack will question prophetic words, spiritual breakthroughs and significant experiences that they had. This is a step towards moving backwards in the Spirit. Once you recognize the attack begin to rise up in the faith and authority that Jesus has given you.

Rebuke the attack and break it's power over your life.

Prayer For a Broken Heart - Prayer For Healing a Broken Heart

Remember Jesus gave us power and authority over all the demons and to heal diseases Luke 9: Here are three keys to your freedom:. Break it w ith faith: Break it with prayer: Break it with resistance: Resist the devil and he will flee from you" James 4: The enemy loves to remain hidden. He deceives and tries to fly under the radar but the Lord is shining His powerful light upon the attacks! Spiritual eyes are being opened and freedom is coming forth.

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Exercise your authority and break the attack today! Pockets of true revival are breaking out across America. Want to know more about the next great move of God? Ryan LeStrange has been preaching the gospel for more than half of his life. As a young man, God led him to leave his home and travel to Tennessee to study and train under Dr.

Leonard Ravenhill Quotes

Norvel Hayes, who later became his spiritual father. Pastor Ryan shares the apostolic call of Dr. Hayes to establish churches, ministries and Bible colleges, and to train leaders in the body of Christ. Ryan is the apostle and leader of Impact International Apostolic Fellowship, a network of churches and ministries around the world with a single vision to birth revival.

He has founded two Bible colleges, served as an associate pastor and traveled as an evangelist. We have done things and said things that are rotten. God, who is pure goodness, cannot stand that sight. And the Spirit is God himself. Just as the Holy Spirit created a new birth inside of Mary, we need the Holy Spirit to create a new birth inside of us.

John puts it this way: We have to be born again. Think about one of the moments you can least take credit for in your life. The moment you were first conceived in the womb. A new life came into existence. You did that really well! We are saying we are grateful for the gift of your life.

We are glad you here. Jesus came to restore what is broken in humanity. We are given such a complete overhaul that it is like taking on a new nature. Yet, so many people think that being a Christian is just about trying harder to be a better person. Honestly, in our broken state, it would be less impossible for us to learn how to fly like superman than to become perfectly good.

We might like the tales of superheroes but their abilities are completely out of reach. The good news is that God has performed the impossible for us. Jesus has the solution to our inner problem. He can straighten the needle so that we point true North. He can rewire the faulty hardware. He can re-start and re-fresh the entire system like installing new programming. The Spirit reconnects my spirit to God and makes it come alive. I am changed forever. I am a new person. Any glimpses of any good that people now see in me are just evidence of the new person that God is making me to be.

It is more like the results of an artist painting on the canvas of my life. God is the artist and I am just a canvas where He is painting new and beautiful things. Only the God who made us could possibly save us and restore us to what we were meant to be. The implication of superhuman philosophy is that I must try harder to become the best version of myself that I can be.

The implication of Jesus- God made visible to Man- is that there is hope for me to be completely re-born as I allow Jesus to make me a new person. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Why does this matter? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

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