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It's not the life that I would have thought.

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It's more difficult in some ways. The actual act of writing is both more difficult and more rewarding.

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You have certain states of something like ecstasy in your writing when it goes well, when it goes especially well, and that's not something you can imagine when you're first starting out. It certainly wasn't what happened to me those first few times I wrote poems.

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But then the going on with it is quite hard. There was a period when I renounced it when I was—oh, how old was I—about right after I published my first book. I—my life was a mess.

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And not necessarily Keats either. Why is it that the TV program Masterchef makes cooking enticing and is able to motivate half the nation into the kitchen, and yet, as you approach the kitchen, exhausted on a Monday evening to fix yourself some dinner, your creativity and enthusiasm are only marginally higher than the tin can you are about to use to prepare your food.

I would suggest that the Masterchefs do not see themselves as cooks, nor chefs but primarily as artists using food as the basis for their creations.

The Poetic Life: An Introduction – Word Salad

They are obsessed with the technique and artistry of food and food preparation and use that as a way to express themselves creatively. Bringing the poetry into your life, is not necessarily about starting an art class, or becoming the next masterchef, or dusting off your old guitar, it is rather about bringing the consciousness of the artist into what it is that you are already doing. Your work is your Art. It is all in the mental approach. Start to see yourself as an Artist and a Creator, and your work as a contribution in the greater sense.

The Poetic Life

Her favorite practice for connecting with Freedom is through contemplating Sacred Poetry. She is happiest when supporting others in seeing their true nature, knowing who they are, and helping them to express these truths. Her loving, giving heart is apparent wherever she goes, particularly in the relationships she fosters with her son, her partner, her friends, her cats, her community, and through her work. She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her life-partner and their two cats.

The practice of sacred reading using love poems from god.