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Do you need a visa for Cuba?


The 10 most dangerous cities worth visiting. Top 10 Christmas markets in Europe. All rights reserved We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok No Cookie Policy. Best deal I found was for — 75, And if you are not, it should be enough for you to know that it is the birthplace of the legendary reggae singer Bob Marley.

While this lush country entice its visitors with its natural beauty and non-visa policy for Indians, why not take a break from everything and plan a vacation in Jamaica? Unlike any other countries, El Salvador is one of the least explored countries in the world. Laced with magnificent beaches, astounding waves and lush greeneries, the country is truly a delight for its visitors.

It is in this country, you can witness an array of volcanoes, take part in surfing, visit historical cities and lot more.

Not Applicable However, Indians are allowed only for 3 months. A country that is in fact a part of the Cyprus Island, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is one of the hidden jewels for the visitors. While its visa-free policies for around 90 days offer ample of opportunities to the visitors, its natural and scenic beauty attracts a large number of tourists every year.

Comprising of two different islands; Saint Kitts and Nevis, this is that part of the earth, where you can find utmost peace and serenity. Nestled amidst lush and opulent greeneries, both the islands showcase some of the most colourful traditions and cultures. Not Applicable However, Indians are allowed only for 30 days. Not just one or two, but this country is a chain of 32 islands, out of which only 9 are inhabited. Often called as St. Vincent, the country offers ample of options to enjoy its natural beauty and splendours.

Trips of a Lifetime. A paradise for water sports lovers, beach enthusiasts and adventure junkies, Trinidad and Tobago shares its boundaries with other tourist destinations like Guyana, Venezuela, Barbados and Grenada. Trinidad and Tobago, the two islands that comprises most of the country are again divided into different regions. One of the most glittering cities in the world, Macau embraces all its visitors wholeheartedly.

Also known as the gambling capital of Asia, this city has some of the cosiest casinos in the world. Fun things to do in Macau. Popular Places in Macau you Must Visit. Not Applicable However, Indians are allowed only for 31 days.

50 Visa Free Countries For Travellers & Digital Nomads

An island country amidst the mighty South Pacific Ocean, Cook Islands consists of 15 different islands and is has free association with New Zealand. Sharing international boundaries with Ghana, Benin and Burkina Faso, this West African country boasts of its indigenous ethnicity and cultures. Abode of the popular Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, Koh Ker and other wonders, this country has all the reasons that will make you wish to explore its wonders.

Fun Activities to take in Cambodia. Popular Attractions in Cambodia. Cambodia Multi Adventure Group Tour. Best Cambodia Tour Packages Ideal for romantic or leisure yacht cruises, Cape Verde is a cluster of 10 volcanic islands. Located off the Western African Coast, this island country was discovered in and around and Europeans were its first inhibitors. You just cannot wish to visit this country; its appealing beauty and appeal are sure to make you visit its every corner!

Considered as one of the most captivating countries for diving, its magical beaches, surreal landscapes and serenity outlooks most of the countries in the world. The confluence point of several indigenous cultures in the world; in fact the country has more indigenous groups than the United States, Bolivia takes the pride for its picturesque landscapes, pristine ambience, adventure offerings and several volcanic peaks.

With fascinating mountains, azure water bodies, lush and evergreen forest ranges, geographical sites and other such aspects. Did you know, in one corner of the world, you can find pink sands? Yes, hidden away from most of the crowd, Bermuda, an overseas territory of the British, is where you can find the pink sands. Not just the pink sands, but the country is the home to several fascinating scuba diving sites, extremely rich marine life and myriad range of coral reefs.

Located gracefully on the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, the Republic of Sierra Leone showcases diverse climatic conditions and a plethora of tourist attractions. With beaches that can spoil your choices instantly, landscapes that can make you forget the rest of the world, ethnic and warm cultures that will make you fall in love with the country are the key elements of Sierra Leone. Home to some of the highest visited pagodas in the world, stunning beaches, the largest reclining Buddha statue in the world and many other wonders, Myanmar also offers visa on arrival to Indians.

Best things to do in Myanmar. Popular Places to visit in Myanmar. Laced with ancient history and a heart warming ambience, Georgia promises to entice its visitors once they step into the country.

50 Countries Where Getting A Visa Is Easier Than Ordering A Pizza

Home to some of the best quality grapes in the world, the country promotes ecotourism and is open to Indian tourists. If you are a fan of water sports like deep sea game fishing, swimming and scuba diving, this island country should be your next international destination. Nestled amidst other prominent tourist destinations like Fiji and Cook Islands, Nauru is adorned by the Pacific Ocean, which in turn contributes a lot to the countries tourism industry. Though not popular amongst the international tourists, this quaint and stunning island country takes the pride of being the home to some of the astounding coral reefs in the world.

Not Applicable However, Indians are allowed only for 30 Days. Formed by the union of plenty of independent islands, Micronesia showcases a tropic climate and is known for its untouched beauty and appeal. While the majestic Pacific Ocean adds to the immaculate beauty of this country, its lucid and enchanting ambience makes it for a pleasant vacation. If you are looking for a quaint yet tranquil destination, Micronesia can be an ideal destination.

A much sought after tourist destination for the U. S citizens, the country has now opened its doors to Indian tourists with its 30 days visa free stay policy. Among the major attractions, the country has some of the best white sand beaches, amazing coral reefs and stunning snorkelling destinations. On your first step into this country, you will surely be astounded by the fascinating appeal fo the Serrated Mountain. But what seems to be intricately sculpted and shaped, are purely the craftsmanship of the nature. Embraced by the mesmeric charm of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua or the Republic of Nicaragua opened its door recently for the Indian tourists.

It is such a tourist destination that will surely make you forget the time and enjoy the rustic charm that prevails all through the country. A paradise for those who want to complete a lap with the majestic whales or the playful dolphins, Niue, a gift of the Pacific Islands is also amongst the smallest countries in the world. In addition to this, the visitors can also take in the fun and delight of underwater caving, snorkelling and several other engrossing water activities. What does it really take to make a vacation memorable: Well, while in Palau, you can witness and enjoy all of these and make your vacation memorable for the rest of your life.

Formed due to the volcanic eruptions in the middle of the sea, the island is inhabited by captivating range of marine life, coral reefs, exotic birds and other natural marvels. Not just an international holiday destination, but Mozambique is more of an experience for life! Whether you are looking for a serene and tranquil holiday, romantic escapade, adventurous getaway or a tryst with the amazing nature, this Southeast African country will never disappoint you! With tourism growing in Ethiopia, the country has lightened its visa policies. For the visitors from India, they can procure a 90 days visa on arrival and enjoy the lush beauty of the country.

Among the things to do and places to visit, Ethiopia offers elephant tracking, village tours, mountains visits, cultural tours and several other engrossing activities. Complete guide on tourists hotspots in Kuala Lumpur and activities to indulge in Kuala Lumpur. Other than that, you must obtain a visa beforehand. Brunei — This little country on the island of Borneo allows citizens of the UK and the United States visa free entry for 90 days , while Canadians are granted 14 days. This is an adventurers playground with camping, fishing, trekking and off track places at your fingertips.

Each country has its own culture, cuisine and customs, and are all worthy of a visit.

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Definitely a top choice for visa free countries in South America. Hike to ancient ruins in the jungle the Ciudad Perdida , scuba dive in crystal clear water, wander through pretty villages, learn about coffee production and create lifelong friendships with the locals. Many Digital Nomads choose to base themselves in Medellin , which offers loads of amenities. Straddling the equator, this country offers travellers a very diverse trip. In fact, Ecuador is actually a top destination among foreign retirees and Digital Nomads.

Canadian, American, Australian and UK citizens are granted 90 days visa free. Not to mention, the food is tasty, especially the seafood!

Travelscope – Interactive worldmap of visa-free travel – A Chrome Experiment

Canadian, American, Australian and UK citizens are granted days visa free. Argentina is an incredibly diverse country. Just be prepared to eat dinner late — around We lived in Buenos Aires for a month , and had mixed feelings about it. But, we fully enjoyed our travels around the rest of Argentina and highly recommend this country. The reciprocity fee for Canadians has been removed. Go trekking in the pristine Torres del Paine National Park , drive through the Atacama Desert, dance the night away in Santiago , hike volcanoes and chill out in the Lake District, spend some time in edgy Valparaiso and gawk at the bizarre head sculptures on Easter Island.

We spent 2 weeks living in Valparaiso in an Airbnb and liked the bohemian vibe there. Santiago is more modern and clean-shaven. Bolivia — Canada, UK and Australian citizens are granted 90 days visa free. The good news is that the multiple entry visa is valid for 10 years. If you want to spend some time in tropical countries, this region is a good bet outside of hurricane season, June — November.

This part of the world is home to Spanish, English, Dutch and French, speaking countries plus other native languages , each with its own defining culture. The landscapes include turquoise coloured seas, powdery-white sand beaches, swaying palm trees, lush jungles, untouched rain forests and towering volcanoes.

There are many visa free countries in this region of the world. This is one of the most exciting travel destinations and one of our favourite places to live and travel. The Mayan history and Spanish architecture is incredible, the people are warm and welcoming, the food is to die for, and the beaches and nature are pristine. Best known for its eco-friendly policies, wildlife, rainforests, beaches and lack of military, Costa Rica is a hotspot for surfers, travellers, retirees and remote workers.

Canadian, American, Australian and UK citizens can stay 90 days visa free. If you want to extend this visa a further 90 days, you can do so by going on a border run to a neighbouring country, and returning. Click here to learn more. Mayan ruins, Caribbean Sea and lush rainforest, Honduras epitomizes a tropical getaway.

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  4. One of the best options for those looking to spend more than a couple of months in the region. Panama offers pristine Caribbean seas on the east and pounding Pacific Ocean on the west. Check out the amazing San Blas Islands including sailing to Colombia , the cloud forests, cosmopolitan Panama City and more. Canadian, American, Australian and UK citizens can stay visa free for up to days.

    You must have a passport that is valid for 3 months. The culture, history and nature in Guatemala makes this country worth of a visit. Based on our experience living on Lake Atitlan and travelling around Guatemala, the locals are very kind and welcoming to foreigners. Canadian, American, Australian and UK citizens can stay visa free for up to 90 days. You can extend two times for a total of days, then you must leave the country to reset the clock. This English-speaking, coral island is the easternmost in the Caribbean region. We spent a couple of months living in Barbados while house and pet sitting and found the people here to be very friendly.

    Not to mention, the white sand beaches in Barbados are stunning! Canadian, American, Australian and UK citizens can stay visa free for up to 6 months. I had to put my favourite island on this list! For such a small place, there are endless things to do in Grenada. You can extend your visa for a further 90 days at immigration.

    With more than islands and 2, cays, there are many places to explore in the Bahamas. This is a hotspot for Americans and sailors and is worth adding to your travel itinerary if you plan to visit the States or the Caribbean. Enjoy the cities, historic towns, beaches and forests.

    Canadian UK and American citizens are granted 8 months visa free in the Bahamas, while Australians get 3 months. You must have a passport that is valid for 6 months beyond your intended departure from the Bahamas.

    11 EASIEST Countries To Emigrate To!

    Click here to read more. Africa is a continent with a fascinating, yet turbulent history. Explore the sand dunes, waterfalls and National Parks in the south, while witnessing wildlife in its natural habitat. Sail to some of the most pristine islands in Mozambique , check out South Africa and go on a road trip, or go trekking to spot Gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda. The point is, Africa is a diverse and exciting place to travel, so give yourself some time and enjoy all that it has to offer.

    Many countries in Africa require a visa to visit, or you must pay for and obtain a visa on arrival. South Africa was a highlight for us during our travels in Africa. Your passport must be valid for one month after departure, and have 1 blank page left in it. You can apply to extend your stay a further 90 days, but it must be done within the first 30 days. This country is the gateway to Africa from Europe, with many people from the UK and Spain easily crossing here by ferry.

    Labyrinth medinas, traditional clothing, ancient villages, towering mountains and delicious cuisine, this is Morocco. You passport must be valid for 6 months beyond your departure date. Canadian, American, Australian and UK citizens can stay visa free for up to 90 days , over a 1 year period. This underrated destination in northern Africa, on the Mediterranean Sea is often overlooked by travellers.

    The history, ancient sites and natural beauty here are outstanding, while the food is tasty and the people are welcoming. However, some reports state that Canadians can stay for 4 months. Contact the local embassy to find out. Your passport must be valid for 3 months from the date of departure from Tunisia. A trip to Namibia, combined with Botswana and South Africa makes for an amazing holiday. Canadian, American, Australian and UK citizens can stay visa free for up to 90 days , within 1 year.

    Tucked away in the South Pacific is the adventurous, stunning region of Oceania. A trip here will be filled with hospitable people and outdoor activities — from the mountains and volcanoes to the beaches and lakes. For such a small place, New Zealand packs a huge punch.

    Kiwis are friendly and welcoming to travellers. In the cities, you can find all the comforts of home, while on your doorstep are mountains and coastline waiting to be explored. Canadian and American citizens can visit New Zealand visa free for 90 days. UK citizens are granted 6 months. Australian citizens can live and work in New Zealand without a visa. Visa extensions are possible, click here for more. Slow down and enjoy being on tropical Fiji time!