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Guy Hamilton's direction lacks enthusiasm and pace, while even the art direction -- long the Bond films' real secret weapon -- seems to have fallen to a shrunken budget. The comic book plot meanders through a series of hardware production numbers. Setting aside an allright speedboat spectacular over land and water, the film is both perfunctory and predictable -- leaving the mind free to wander into the question of its overall taste. Or lack of it. Two hours long and anti-climactic, but Bond fans won't be disappointed. Live and Let Die has been especially well photographed and edited, and it makes clever and extensive use of its good title song, by Paul and Linda McCartney.

It doesn't have the wit and it doesn't have the style of the best Bond movies. If you want to see an out of place Bond effort that would have been vastly improved with Shaft or Superfly in the lead role instead of , give this a view. There are some splendid action sequences, notably a speedboat leap that set a new world record, as well as the usual array of hi-tech gadgetry. As fastpaced and snappily entertaining a piece of claptrap as we have a right to expect.

So-so '70s Bond entry has sex, drugs, action violence. I can see how many people can be entertained by this ludicrous film, but not because it's good. It features an outstanding performance from Moore and has an enjoyably bad Blaxploitation thing going on here, but not much else. Roger Moore's first job is still top entertainment. Roger Moore does a very good job in his first outing as James Bond, immediately implementing his expert-level of sly wit that would eventually sculpt into a comedy action hero for the 70's. When it comes to this one and the next The Man with the Golden Gun , Moore is very much the singular best aspect about them.

While certainly a step-above the disappointing "Diamonds are Forever," I don't tend to go back to Moore's first two outings that often. Aside from the fantastic Paul McCartney theme song, Moore, a solid group of villains, and a decent boat chase, this particular entry is pretty average for the most part. The light horror elements sure add a unique flavor but the blaxploitation elements severely date the movie. Also, I really hate Sheriff J. Pepper and it boggles my mind that he also appears in the next Bond film. I fell in love with this bond entry right from the start.

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Roger Moore kicks it up a notch in this new take on the James Bond character, making his this over-the-top action star, with a lot of wit. The action spread throughout this film is fantastic, especially a very memorable chase in the river, but by the end of the film, you just can't help but wonder why they took so much time on the action, before getting back to a forgotten storyline. Also, there are some very odd ritual scenes in which I wondered why they included, but still, I had a terrific time during my viewing of this film and the direction and editing has gotten much much better.

More Top Movies Trailers. DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Black Panther Dominates Honorees. Trending on RT Avengers: Live and Let Die Part of the Collection: Post Share on Facebook. Movie Info Roger Moore makes his first appearance as "Bond James Bond" in 's Live and Let Die. Bond is dispatched to the States to stem the activities of Mr.

Big Yaphet Kotto , who plans to take over the Western Hemisphere by converting everyone into heroin addicts. The woman in the case is Solitaire Jane Seymour in her movie debut , an enigmatic interpreter of tarot cards. The obligatory destructive-chase sequence occurs at the film's midpoint, with Bond being chased in a motorboat by Mr.

Big's henchmen, slashing his way through the marshlands and smashing up a wedding party. Clifton James makes the first of several Bond appearances as redneck sheriff Pepper, while Geoffrey Holder is an enthusiastic secondary villain. Roger Moore as James Bond. Yaphet Kotto as Kananga. Jane Seymour as Solitaire.

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While filming Diamonds Are Forever , Live and Let Die was chosen as the next Ian Fleming novel to be adapted because screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz thought it would be daring to use black villains, as the Black Panthers and other racial movements were active at this time. Guy Hamilton was again chosen to direct, and since he was a jazz fan, Mankiewicz suggested he film in New Orleans. Hamilton did not want to use Mardi Gras since Thunderball featured Junkanoo , a similar festivity, so after more discussions with the writer and location scouting with helicopters, he decided to use two well-known features of the city, the jazz funerals and the canals.

To develop a better feel of how Voodoo was practised, Saltzman and Broccoli escorted Hamilton, Mankiewicz and production designer Syd Cain to scout New Orleans further and then the islands of the West Indies. Haiti was an important destination of the tour [4] and not only did Fleming connect it with the religion, [5] there were many practitioners available to witness. Despite viewing actual demonstrations, due to political unrest in the country at the time, it was decided not to film in Haiti. While searching for locations in Jamaica, the crew discovered a crocodile farm owned by Ross Kananga, after passing a sign warning that "trespassers will be eaten.

Live and Let Die (song)

Richard Maibaum later claimed he was asked to write the film but declined because he was too busy. He disliked the final film saying "to process drugs in the middle of the jungle is not a Bond caper. Reynolds told the studios that Bond should be played by an Englishman and turned the offer down. The main frontrunner for the role was Michael Billington. Broccoli insisted that the part should be played by a British actor and put forward Roger Moore.

After Moore was chosen, Billington remained on the top of the list in the event that Moore would decline to come back for the next film. Moore, who had been considered by the producers before both Dr. Mankiewicz had thought of turning Solitaire into a black woman, with Diana Ross as his primary choice.

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Mankiewicz created Sheriff J. Pepper to add a comic relief character. Hedison had said "I was sure that would be my first and last", before being cast again. Madeline Smith , who played Miss Caruso , sharing Bond's bed in the film's opening, was recommended for the part by Roger Moore after he had appeared with her on TV. Smith said that Moore was extremely polite to work with, but she felt very uncomfortable being clad in only blue bikini panties while Moore's wife was on set overseeing the scene. He was then appearing in the TV series Follyfoot , but was written out of three episodes to appear in the film.

Lois Maxwell had only been included in Diamonds Are Forever during filming as a late addition, as she had asked for a pay increase. Roger Moore later wrote that Maxwell celebrated the double-pay-day by purchasing a fur coat. Principal photography began in October , in Louisiana. For a while only the second unit was shot after Moore was diagnosed with kidney stones.

In November production moved to Jamaica , which doubled for the fictional San Monique. In December, production was divided between interiors in Pinewood Studios and location shooting in Harlem. When the cash ran out, they were "encouraged" to leave. Yaphet Kotto later stated "There were so many problems with that script I was too afraid of coming off like Mantan Moreland I had to dig deep in my soul and brain and come up with a level of reality that would offset the sea of stereotype crap that Tom Mankiewicz wrote that had nothing to do with the Black experience or culture.

But the way Kananga dies was a joke The entire experience was not as rewarding as I wanted it to be. Ross Kananga suggested the stunt of Bond jumping on crocodiles, and was enlisted by the producers to perform it. The script supervisor was so afraid that she refused to be on set with them; an actor fainted while filming a scene where he is killed by a snake; Jane Seymour became terrified as a reptile got closer, and Geoffrey Holder only agreed to fall into the snake-filled casket because Princess Alexandra was visiting the set.

The boat chase was filmed in Louisiana around the Irish Bayou area, with some interruption caused by flooding. Seventeen were destroyed during rehearsals. The waves created by the impact caused the following boat to flip over. The chase involving the double-decker bus was filmed with a second-hand London bus adapted by having a top section removed, and then placed back in situ running on ball bearings to allow it to slide off on impact.

The stunts involving the bus were performed by Maurice Patchett, a London Transport bus driving instructor. John Barry , who had worked on the previous five themes and orchestrated the " James Bond Theme ", was unavailable during production. Broccoli and Saltzman instead asked Paul McCartney to write the theme song. Since McCartney's salary was high and another composer could not be hired with the remainder of the music budget, George Martin , who had been McCartney's producer while with The Beatles , was chosen to write the score for the film.

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Arnau to record and perform the title song, not realising McCartney intended to perform it himself. Arnau's version was featured in the film itself, when the singer performed it in a night club which Bond attends. The Olympia Brass Band has a notable part in "Live and Let Die", where they lead a funeral march for a soon to be assassination victim.

Trumpeter Alvin Alcorn plays the killer. The piece of music the band plays at the beginning of the funeral march is " Just a Closer Walk with Thee ". The film was released in the United States on 27 June The film holds the record for the most viewed broadcast film on television in the United Kingdom by attracting Ian Nathan of Empire wrote "This is good quality Bond, managing to reinterpret the classic moves — action, deduction, seduction — for a more modern idiom without breaking the mould.

On one side we get the use of alligators as stepping stones and the pompous pitbull of rootin' tootin' Sheriff Pepper caught up in the thrilling boat chase.

Live and Let Die (film) - Wikipedia

On the other, the genuine aura of threat through weird voodoo henchman Tee Hee and the leaning toward — what's this? The urbanity, the quizzically raised eyebrow, the calm under fire and in bed". However, he felt that Moore wasn't satisfactory in living up to the legacy left by Sean Connery in the preceding films.

Live and Let Die Rescore - The Heroin Farm & Boat Chase

He rated the villains "a little banal", adding that the film "doesn't have a Bond villain worthy of the Goldfingers, Dr. Nos and Oddjobs of the past. Big is the worst villain of the Roger Moore James Bond films. He stated that "Connery and Lazenby had an air of concealed thuggishness, clenched fists at the ready, but in Moore's case a sardonic quip and a raised eyebrow are his deadliest weapons".

The movie stumbles along most of the way. It's hard to remember Moore is playing Bond at times — in fact, if he and Seymour were black, the picture could pass as one of the black exploitation films of the day. There are few interesting action sequences — a motorboat chase is trite enough to begin with, but the filmmakers make it worse by throwing in some stupid Louisiana cops, including pot-bellied Sheriff Pepper.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Live and Let Die soundtrack. James Bond portal s portal Film portal. Retrieved 11 May Magic, Ritual, and Religion: Magic, Ritual, and Religion". Live and Let Die Audio commentary 1. Live and Let Die , Ultimate Edition, disk 1. Archived from the original on 17 February Retrieved 19 November Her Majesty's Secret Servant. Archived from the original on 24 February Retrieved 24 February Bond Girls are Forever: The Women of James Bond Page Filming Live and Let Die. The History Press, June Live and Let Die , Ultimate Edition, disk 2.

Archived from the original on 26 May Retrieved 6 November Archived from the original on 24 May The James Bond Phenomenon: